5 Secrets to Turning Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality 
Rebecca Thompson 

​​​​Candidacy Coach, Entreprenuer + World Traveler 
Rebecca's mission is to inform, inspire and support black women to run for elected office and to help people around the world create and live the life of their dreams. 
We're going to show you how to...
Get crystal clear about what the life of your dreams looks (and even feels) like 
Trick your brain into working on your behalf subconsciously to help turn your dreams into reality quickly
The #1 reason most people struggle with manifestation (and how you can avoid this trap) 
Use the EXACT 5 steps I used to quit my job, start my own business and travel around the world! 
PLUS - I'll share my own real life manifestation examples including exactly how I manifested the $27K for Remote Year (I had more than 50% of the money within 24 hours of my acceptance)
"I truly enjoyed the Master Class. I learned so many things! An aha moment was the discussion about the Upper Limit Problem.  I was reflecting on my past experiences and as recently as a few weeks ago I was heavily caught up in negative perceptions and was self-sabotaging. Luckily, I hadn't acted on it. I took the time to go on a road trip and re-centered to positive inspired action! I am excited to step into the divine and my purpose. Your course solidified a strong foundation to leap me into a crystal clear vision for my life.  I am grateful for you --- continue to leap. You are such an inspiration!"